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Please, read carefully the following terms of use before using this site. You should review this notice every time you access our site.
This content may change at Puerto Rico Fertility Clinic (from now on referred to as PRFC) discretion.

Information included in our site
We have designed this site to provide information about PRFC and its products. The information that the site contains has been written in general terms. Although we make the necessary efforts to keep this site updates, we are not responsible, and we do not guaranty the correctness of published information. PRFC reserves the right to modify the information published in this site at any moment. If you have any specific questions about our services or products, call PRFC at the contact information at the end of this document.

The description of the products and services that PRFC provides thru this site does not constitute an offer for selling or soliciting. The products and services are available in PRFC service area and are subject to applicable laws and rulings.

PRFC does not assumes under any circumstances responsibility for direct, indirect, special or incidentals injuries that may result as a consequence of using or the lack of access to this site.

Health Information
The health information that we include in this site is only for illustrative and public services purposes in order to promote health care. It does not represent or substitutes recommendations provided by a health care professional. If you have a special care need, you should consult your doctor. PRFC does not assume any responsibility for the use, interpretation or application that the reader does about the health information that’s available in this site.

Links to other sites
PRFC site contains electronic links to other web sites available thru the internet. We provide these links only as suggestions that might help in the search for information. PRFC, nor its business partners, sponsor or has control over these Internet sites therefore we are not responsible for its content. The reader that visits them does it under their own risk. We reserve the right to eliminate or modify these links at any moment.

Information Transfer – Confidentiality
Any personal information that’s transferred to us will be treated in compliance with our Confidentiality Policy.

Ownership Rights
Information contained in this site, including product names, service trademarks, logos, videos, brochures and documents to download are protected by copyright laws and any author’s protection rights of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the United States of America. The reader can reproduce the content of this site for personal use, but it is prohibited to reproduce or distribute the text or the graphics in this site to incorporate them in other servers or sites without the previous written consent of PRFC.

Applicable Law
This site is owned and controlled by PRFC, a corporation authorized to do businesses in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Any controversy or claim that may arise about this site or its products will be resolved under the laws of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.



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