In Vitro Fertilization

A Bit of History

History of our in vitro fertilization program

Our history is long and successful. The list that follows is a summary of significant moments in our history… and in the history of so many patients that trusted us and the processes we perform to make their families grow.

  • sep/1985 . First in vitro fertilization (IVF) in Puerto Rico*
  • may/1986 . First birth from IVF in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and Central America*
  • jun/1986 . First GIFT birth*
  • may/1987 . First ambulatory transvaginal follicular aspiration*
  • aug/1988 . First birth from combined IVF and GIFT*
  • mar/1990 . First birth of twins from IVF*
  • oct/1992 . First birth from IVF in the Lesser Antilles*
  • apr/1993 . First triplets born from IVF
  • jun/1993 . First birth from egg donation*
  • jan/1997 . First quadruplets born form IVF
  • mar/1997 . First birth from IVF with ICSI
  • aug/1997 . First birth from frozen embryos
  • nov/1997 . First birth from IVF with TESE
  • dic/1998 . First birth in Venezuela from IVF with ICSI conducted in Puerto Rico*
  • nov/2001 . First birth from IVF with donated frozen embryos*
  • ---/2003 . First and only IVF program in Puerto Rico approved by the Joint Commission*
  • mar/2005 . First birth from IVF in a surrogate mother*
  • dic/2005 . First birth from IVF by transmyometral embryo transfer*
  • oct/2008 . First IVF pregnancy with preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD)*

* First case reported in Puerto Rico


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